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Welcome ! Send your question or doubt directly to Infoscientist @ his email:--

Q-1 Who is Infoscientist..? What is the Internet World Bank ..?
  A-1 Infoscientist is Nickname of Nawal Kumar Roongta recognised by Google.
He is Chairman-Founder of Internet World Bank - based at Kolkata City of India.
*See more info >
Q-2 What is that >never before big invention< has already been invented..? or say...
What actually innovative, different & most valuable Internet World Bank does have..?
---which NO ONE or NO COMPANY IN THE WORLD does not have
> A-2 We are excited & delighted to announce having invented and discovered answers & solutions of Fortune, Good-Luck and Destiny + 94 other things out of the Total 100 things in Life (*except these 5 exceptions (i) Birth of New Life; (ii) Death(s); (iii) Disease(s); (iv ) Accident(s); and... (v) Total control over Universe, Time, Space and Natural Activities & Calamities)  
We are ready with (Prototype & Model)
 which has power & potential to produce minimum $ 1 Trillion Dollar$ Company & Unlimited Opportunities and distribute all this among 7.4 billion People worldwide. We can speak out lots more for 10 hours NONSTOP about our 10000+ research papers.
Q-3 What Top 10 Search Engines & Social Media websites collectively still not have and not delivering ..?
> A-3 Top 10 Search Engines and Top 10 Social Media Websites are NOT having 24x7 Online Available ASSISTANT(s) / GUIDE(s) / HELPER(s) / CONNECTOR(s) / EXPERTS / LIVE INTRODUCER(s). We have invented and discovered its solutions. We can not share all that here since we do not yet have any business relationship.

Q-4 What are Top+Big drawbacks, problems & missing with
Top 10 Search Engines & Social Media websites 
> A-4 (i) Google is just throwing at random pool of result for the question or problem asked. To reach and find the very-specific-most-fit-and-accurate answers, solutions and links instantaneously is still a TUFF and DAUNTING TASK.
We have invented and discovered its solutions.  
Facebook & Linkedin has huge data but not an advanced search engine to pin point and filter the data to filter it as per your required parameters. Secondly, world population is more over 7 billion. It has only 1 billion data.
We have invented and discovered its solutions.
(iii) Linkedin is taking all your email data @ FREE_of_COST and selling 1 address @ $ 10. Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter paid subscriptions are very costly which majority of People and Companies can not afford.
We have invented and discovered its solutions.
(iv) There are many more things which are confidential and therefore We can not share all that here since we do not yet have any business relationship.

Q-5 What innovative and exclusive...
you have invented, discovered & found solution of all above problems
> A-5 YES... by constant researching for 47 years, We have invented, discovered and found answers & solutions to all problems that is absolutely innovative & unique. All that can be shared only after once we have business marriage.

Q-6 What really & exactly >We are looking for..?
> A-6 We are looking for... just 1 Connoisseur
We finally believe that... 
Mr. Bill Gates / Mr. Larry Page / Mr. Jeff Bezos Mr. Mark Zuckerberg Mr. Larry Ellison are such few Connoisseurs whom to we are big fan & admirer; and are looking for Business Marriage...
We aggressively & disparately look ahead to go for... BUSINESS MARRIAGE with:- (i) Government of India (ii) and/or... any one of India's Top 5 Industrialists, and/or...
(ii) Microsoft and/or Google
Let us we exclusively & specifically clarify... "Money is primarily not in our mind or in our Terms-Conditions-or-Expectations-List. We strongly believe in that... 'Things should roll on ahead to reach its goal without
any baseless reasons or unnecessary delay; 
not only that...opportunities should must must materialize with group of...'Right People''@ Right Time'; @ 'Right Place'

Q-7 I am an Investor. Wish to invest in your company.
Who is authorized & responsible Person to talk or discuss with
> A-7 You are most welcome. To take an immediate next attempt, you are suggested and advised to contact Infoscientist. All contact detail options are given below.

Q-8 I can introduce you to one of my friend who is very much big resourceful and might invest in your project. What is my...
benefit & returns just for introducing & connecting you to 'Mr. Right'
> A-8 Your question touched the bottom of our heart because that is the core concept of our idea and research. For us AN INTRODUCER IS MORE THAN GOD. You are most welcomed with great respect & and insured with monetary returns. Please send us an email to and feel free to write your expectations and conditions. You will get a quick reply

Q-9 My Question or Doubt is not answered here. What to do ..?
> A-9 Welcome ! Send your question or doubt directly to Infoscientist @ his email:--

Q-10 Can I chat... or The best is... Can I live talk with Infoscientist ..?
> A-10 YES. You can. You can reach through the Skype id:-- Infoscientist It is desired & better to email us your Linkedin or Facebook profile URL and/or Your website address as pre info to us before sending skype request. It will pre-know to us about you & your work and will make the chat easy, successful & fruitful.

*Following are must required conditions & ingredients which should be followed by the Calling Person:
(i) Listening with most attention & care....................................
(ii) With 100% Trust, Respect & believe-on-belief..........................
On the spot immediate action &  decision desired.......................