just shut up, disappear & get lost

Just Shut up !   Disappear !!   js  Get Lost !!

These are 3 words People speak out when they have serious objection on something or don't like some one for his/her serious objectionable acts. I also some times feel or wish to speak out something like this When someone make fun of my idea/Research; tells white-blank lie, try or make me fool, cheat or deceive me. But, I have never reacted in such situation lest any Person should not mind or feel bad or say sorry.
Then, tonight @ 2 pm suddenly I got up from sleep and got an idea sparked... Isn't it People are willing to tell me...?.?.?... something like...
 Mr. Infoscientist...Will you Just Shut up !  Disappear!!  & Get  Lost !!!
But, they might not be telling this due to one or some other reason. So, I decided  to flip and ease the situation; and so, therefore; I hereby allow/announce that...
People visiting this site can comment/tell they wish to without any further delay or hesitation @ the email address:

I wish to thank to whosoever is sending such email. Optionally, I have
ne magic & miracle small true story capsule which I wish to share with such People.  
Please do not forget to mention and include in your email that...
"Would you like to have that  Capsule  or not ?"
If you opt to say 'Yes  Then, I assure & believe that your Life will change to more beutiful, more better, happier & prosperous. Aameen.



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