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Infoscientist delivers & donates $ 1 Trillion Dollar$ Valued    Intellectual Property for the better of Mankind

This is the... Soul* *of World's 1st Born Infoscientist Recognized by Google as-good-as 'The Supreme Being' or The ultimate... 'Owner & Chief Controller of Universe' writing this message from beyond this Earth Planet.
I saved my Life 4 times from ??? in Mumbai City of India. So, Because, Now, I have come out of the existence of Life
*   - - -*I mean, Those, -who Live with physical Body on Earth Planet or in Physical World and work hard to achieve Name, Fame, Money and rest of anything to everything what a Live Person feel & enjoy with his/her Life, Mind, Body & Soul.
I am absolutely not here for Name, Fame, Money or just anything else. Specially for Money...
Let Any Person, Company or Government test or try to give me million$ or billion$ Dollar$... 'It will be immediately rejected for sure'.
I have some unique & innovative* (* No body, No One in the Universe except Supreme Being knows or can't imagine what big & serious I have in mind) idea, knowledge, intelligence, formula, technique, that has been researched & developed with dedication, constant hard work & sacrifices for 47 years. It will... (i) revolutionize the info world; (ii) change the world for multiples better; (iii) Grow the Life of 7.4 billion People by 50% more >better... >healthier... >happier... & prosperous; not only that, it has power to produce a minimum $ 1 Trillion Dollar$ (even more) & Unlimited Opportunities by December 2018.

I hereby announce to deliver & donate all of it to
: All Nations' Head, Fortune 500 Companies' Chairman/CEO, Top Celebrities, Top 100 Angel Investors ...and above all to my beloved Every Person of 7.4 billion People @ absolute absolute no cost or no conditions applied at all.
*Continued with... more detailed info follows below...





presents... delivers... donates...
$ 1 Trillion Dollar$ Valued


Rough Diamond


@ absolute no cost or conditions
To 7.4 billion People
Shut up ! Its NOT no way Spam, Scam or fishing
Its my 47 years hard work.
Ready & Acceptable for any acid test !

Top 3 Questions-Answered & An Overall Summary of
47 years Research 9000 Papers in just 10 seconds...

Q-1. What is this website all about..?

Q-2. What We really & truly have?

Q-3. What exactly We look for..?

We have constantly researched for 47 years. Its a combo research on search engine & social media.
We have invented & discovered answers and solutions of Fortune, Luck & Destiny by applying advanced technology.

***We can further speak on this
5000 minutes NONSTOP.

Our Idea & Research has guaranteed power to produce
$ 1 Trillion Dollar$
unlimited opportunities
and distribute this
among 7.4 billion People @ no cost or conditions and to make their Life more better, healthier, happier & prosperous

We wish to deliver our research at soonest possible minute to Google or Bing or Linkedin or Facebook or Twitter or Alibaba or Government of India or
United States Government or
any Angel Investor or any Fortune Company. We can/will/are ready to produce $ 1 Trillion Dollar$ and
unlimited Opportunities for 100% sure

Okay... So, 'What is the catch..?'

We name our Intellectual Property "A ROUGH DIAMOND OF $ 1 TRILLION DOLLAR$". AND... We hereby at our this official website proudly online announce to deliver and donate this  "ROUGH DIAMOND OF $ 1 TRILLION DOLLAR$" @ absolute no cost or conditions to You /He /She /they /Anyone or /Everyone. Anyone visiting this website has full liberty to take & grab this Diamond from this website! Polish it ! Sell it ! ...and >Enjoy it ! @ 100% FREE_OF_COST !!!

Flip to this...


Opposite side
of the coin...

If Anyone wish that... Infoscientist & Internet World Bank polish  this  Rough  Diamond  for  him /them;  then  it  is...  @ reasonable and negotiable cost & conditions. ONLY & ONLY passionate, capable, serious, immediate decision taker, 100% Genuine & Honest Person or Company or Organization or Government may  or Whatsapp +91-9323757275

> Master Message >
> Must Read Preface
> Emergency

>>> I sincerely take this opportunity to introduce myself as... World's 1st Born Infoscientist (62 years old) recognized by Google. Founder-Chairman of INTERNET WORLD BANK - India based Information Research company. Awarded by Former President of India for my 47 years research on Social Media & People Networking. I currently Live in Kolkata City of India with my family. My idea & research is now complete to turn into reality & it has power to produce minimum $ 1 Trillion Dollar & unlimited opportunities. Also, it has power & potential to revolutionize the info world and grow & prosper the Life of 7.4 billion People worldwide.

I wish to deliver my research to Google or Bing. And if this does not happens due to any reason whatsoever then I am confident to create a social media website named My role would be to get the said website developed with the association of web designer, software programmer & developer team as being the... "Chief & Head of Website Designing Team". Let me clarify that, I have no team or money or resources at present to get the website developed. I also have no contacts, resources & money to reach to Google & Microsoft Management.

I have saved my Life 4 times from the bomb blast in Mumbai City of India. I have seen the death very closely. And, so, therefore, the Body & Life which I carry now is as-good-as SURPLUS BONUS GIFT for me. So, Because, I wish to dedicate my remaining Life to serve for the better of mankind. I have come out totally par & beyond the things like... 'Goodwill', 'Recognition',  'Status',  'Name',  'Fame',  'Money'  etc. I left no appetite for all these.

I have spent Indian Rupees over 10 Million for development of this research within last 47 years. So, naturally I should have ask a disclosure cost & price before reveal the secrets and total stock of research. But, I have decided NOT to ask any money for disclosure of the Idea & its all secrets, rather to serve for the better of Mankind & World. But, there is 1 thing... The Person or Company whom to I will deliver the research @ free-of-cost should be an eligible & capable candidate whom with I should be completely happy & satisfied.


I have given a code name to my intellectual property as: "$ 1 Trillion Dollar Rough Diamond". I am presenting, delivering & donating this Rough Diamond to everyone of 7.4 billion People through this website @ absolute no cost payable or no conditions applied. Anyone visiting this website can take this 'Rough Diamond' free-of-cost @ no cost or conditions applied.

But, as an exception, just the other side of the coin, flip to this, I have to say only one thing... "Don't ask me anything more info in respect to polish this Rough Diamond" or ask more info about "How the Trillion Dollars will be produced..?". If someone or some company would ask me these 2 questions, and would ask to work too personally... I mean... "To polish this Rough Diamond" & "How the Trillion Dollars will be produced..?" ---then, It will be @ ? reasonable and negotiable cost & conditions. Interested Person or Company may *More contact details are given at top of the page.

If you are really & truly curious and interested to know more deeper & detailed info all about... Then, you should must have needful free time. If that is what you are honestly ready with... then, it is encouraged to look & read with 100% trust all TOP 10 FAQs at this homepage as-well-as more content available at linked external pages given below.

Thanks for your precious time, love & understanding. Cheers ! Good-Luck !! And... God Bless You all the best of Health, Happiness & prosperity !!! - This Message is written by The Owner & Creator of this website - Infoscientist at Kolkata City of India on 9th of August 2017.
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   *Must see... Top 10 FAQs 


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Created & Presented by Infoscientist for Internet World Bank


T10F$ 1 Trillion Dollar$$$ Valued Idea
Delivered & Donated

Top 10 FAQs

>1<  Who is...  Infoscientist..? 

Infoscientist is the Nickname of Nawal Kumar Roongta recognized by: Google as World's 1st Born > He is Founder-Chairman of Internet World Bank - a Information & Communication and Social Media Research Company based at Kolkata City of India. >He has been highly admired & recommended for his 47 years research by: >President of India
Honorable Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil and
>Superstar of India Rajesh Khanna >Film Director Hrishikesh Mukherjee >
and also Interviewed by
> Leading Newspapers & News Channels. *Link to detailed Bio <> In process

>2< What about the company...
 Internet World Bank..?

Internet World Bank is
a information & communication research company based at Kolkata City of India. We constantly researched for 47 years for networking of 7.4 billion People & World Businesses; that is now... $ 1 Trillion Dollar valued intellectual property. Now, the research task is complete to turn it in to reality. Next, we look for business alliance or merger with one of World's Top Tech Company; e.g. Microsoft, Google, Bing, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, Yahoo or some Angel Investor. We are excited to announce with 100% confidence having invented & discovered answers & solutions of Fortune, Good-Luck and Destiny +94 other things out of the Total 100 things* in Life, World & Universe by using & applying advanced technology tools. *except these 5 exceptions: (i) Birth of New Life; (ii) Death (s); (iii) Disease (s); (iv) Accident (s); and... (v) Total control over Time, Space, Nature & Natural Calamities and the Whole Universe).

>3< Who, What, Where, When, Why & How...The Foundation
& Beginning took place..?

As like an apple fell on >
Sir Isaac Newton's head and He discovered 'UNIVERSAL LAW OF GRAVITATION'
; Likewise, An idea inspired to Infoscientist from Dialogue of 1971 Hindi Movie 'ANAND'; and he invented $ 1 Trillion Dollar$ Valued big info revolution in Business & People Networking by constant research for 47 years.

>4< What is the...
Core Concept & Sole Idea..?
The ultimate & whole secret of all achievements and success in Life is... TO CONNECT & MEET WITH...
(i) 'The Right Person(s)' (ii) 'At Right Time' (iii) 'At Right Place' to fulfill all dreams, desires, needs & requirements of Life, Career & Business. *IMPORTANT NOTE To fulfill solutions to above concept, there are currently 3 major social media websites which People are mostly using... (1) Facebook (2) Linkedin (3) Twitter. Infoscientist & Research Team of Internet World Bank has deeply observed and discovered many many BIG shortcomings, drawbacks & loopholes in these 3 websites.
We can not disclose all those shortcomings, drawbacks & loopholes
secrets here at public domain; Because, that is all in all our company's trillion dollar$ valued confidential intellectual property. It can be shared @ reasonable business alliance or @ even no cost in exceptional & special case.

>5< What are the main... Objects, Products & Services..?  in association with
3 websites: e.g. & is set to ensure connecting all 7 billion People with fit pair of their RIGHT PEOPLE at RIGHT TIME at RIGHT PLACE through
Millions & Billions Live Human Introducers available 24x7 online worldwide
introducing & connecting to any-every-all stranger pair of 7 billion People (
that comes to more over 10000 Trillion Stranger Pairs) within just few seconds; or maximum in couple of minutes; and deliver them answers and solutions and/or products & services of their various needs & requirements of Life, Career and Businesses.
 We are ready with Prototype & Model of it -which has not only been practically tested, evaluated and experienced; but also huge big money produced while the course of last 25 years in India.

>6< What is the... Vision & Mission..?
To revolutionize the growth of info & communication world by 50%
Further 50% grow by  the way People currently communicate each other worldwide
General belief is that... "Human Fortune is controlled by Some Super Natural Power sitting in the sky, Supreme Being, Supreme Power or God. Internet World Bank is all set to control Human Life & their all activities* by using advanced tools of technology.
*except these 5 exceptions: (i) Birth of New Life; (ii) Death (s); (iii) Disease (s); (iv) Accident (s); and... (v) Total control over Time, Space, Nature & Natural Calamities and the Whole Universe).
(iv) By default, there is... 'An invisible audio & video camera continuously rolling & active in everyone's Mind & Memory -that captures slightest bit of everything we think, feel & act every moment. And, So, therefore; all the forthcoming happenings -which are taking place in our Life; in fact, are the result of 'exactly what it was already recorded in one's mind, memory, brain & soul'. Infoscientist and Internet World Bank Team has a complete plan to work on it; and thus, to turn it in to a reality. *MESSAGE > So, we should be always very careful to take intelligent actions, attempts & decisions in Life.(v) Any little or big information that is required by... 'Anyone'; 'Any Time'; 'Any where';  should must be delivered at quickest possible moment before its actual need & expiry may it be, that information is lying in someone's head/ mind/ memory or exist just anywhere in the world'.
'Sorry'; 'Wait...' 'Wait...' 'Wait...' Saying this... "I really not intending or meant to compromising one's privacy & secrets" (*I can further speak on this a minimum 100 minutes NONSTOP).

>7< What is the... Problem..?

Collective Total  Growth of Top 10 Search Engines & Social Media Websites according to
Infoscientist is... NOT more than 18 to 22%. Thus, 78% is still 'Hidden-Due-&-in-Dark'.
or say...
That 78% is yet to come (due) into limelight & experience of People
>8< What is the... Solution..?
(i) Top 5 Search Engines & Top 10 Social Media Websites are NOT having 24x7 Online Available ASSISTANT(s) / GUIDE(s) / HELPER(s) / CONNECTOR(s) / EXPERT(s) / LIVE INTRODUCER(s).
***We have invented and discovered its solutions. We can not share all that here since we do not yet have any business relationship with you.

Google is just throwing at random pool of result for the question or problem asked. To reach and find the very-specific-most-fit-and-accurate pin point answers & solutions instantaneously is still a TUFF and DAUNTING TASK.
***We have invented and discovered its solutions.  
Facebook & Linkedin has huge data but not an advanced search engine to pin point and filter the data to filter it as per your required parameters. Secondly, world population is more over 7 billion. It has only 1 billion data.
***We have invented and discovered its solutions.
(iv) Linkedin is taking all your email data @ FREE_of_COST and selling 1 address @ $ 10. Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter paid subscriptions are very costly which majority of People and Companies can not afford.
***We have invented and discovered its solutions.
(v) There are many more things which are confidential and therefore We can not share all that here since we do not yet have any business relationship with you.
* Infoscientist Open Challenges to Top Tech Companies' CEOs that... Let they invent, discover & produce a minimum 50% of 78% balance due by the end of year 2018; and simultaneously also produce World's 1st Trillion Dollar Tech Company or else This Infoscientist is decided, prepared & all set to deliver right NOW !

>9< What really & exactly... We
are looking for..?

We are looking for... just only 1 CONNOISSEUR + GENIUS
-who is also
(or may not be) a Investor too !
We finally believe that... Mr. Bill Gates / Mr. Larry Page / Mr. Jeff Bezos Mr. Mark Zuckerberg Mr. Larry Ellison are such few CONNOISSEURS & GENIUS -whom to we are big fan & admirer; and are looking for Business alliance with... Few others are: (i) Government of India (ii) India's Top 5 Industrialists.  Let us we exclusively & specifically clarify... "Money is primarily not in our mind or in our Terms-Conditions-or-Expectations-List. We strongly believe that... 'Things should roll on ahead to reach its goal without any baseless reasons or unnecessary delay; not only that... opportunities should must must materialize with an Individual or group of...'Right People'; '@ Right Time'; @ 'Right Place'.

>10< Who are... Key Executives and what are there contact details..?
Who are...
Key Executives..? and Contact Details..?
<> Infoscientist Nawal Kumar Roongta
<> Whatsapp & Mobile: +91-9323757275
<> Skype: Infoscientist
<> Twitter: Infoscientist
[i]  CEO <> Sandeep Kulthia
<> Whatsapp & Mobile: +91-9830910099

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* Any questions, comments, suggestions are most most welcomed at:
<> Skype: Infoscientist
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*Important Note: Passionate People /  Companies -who 100% believe & trust us and seriously interested, may
to discuss anything they have in mind