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"Collective Total  Growth & Height of Top 10 Search Engines & Social Media Websites currently available on Internet; >according to Infoscientist< is... NOT more than 18 to 22% of its ultimate growth & apex height" Thus, 78% is still 'Hidden-Due-&-in-Dark' to say... That is yet to come into limelight & experience.
Infoscientist Open Challenges to Top Tech Companies CEOs that... Let they invent, discover, produce & present in
reality a minimum 50% of 78% balance due by the end of 2017 or a maximum by December 2018; and
simultaneously also come up with World's 1st Trillion Dollar Tech Company
or else This Infoscientist
decided, prepared & all set to grow minimum 50% of balance due 78% right now !


Current All Social Media is not more than only 22% of the total


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Trillion Dollar







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