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He is World's 1st Born Infoscientist. Also, Researcher, Analyst, Inventor, Visionary, Author, Time Management Expert, Internet Search Expert, Internet Live Show Presenter and above all a Dreamer. He lives in Kolkata City of India and Chairman of a Research Company 'Internet World Bank'. Now the days, he is extremely busy to produce & create world's 1st $ 1 Trillion dollar$ company
by applying his 47 years research. He has been blessed by Nature to dream, imagine, think, access, research & analyze not only the physical & tangible objects but also invisible & intangible things in and around universe in its 100% totality. To explain, here is one of his most favorite example Quote & Question:- "Nothing is truly free in Life. Even the 'Earth' on which we live; the 'Air' we breathe; and the 'Light' we use from Sun. 
100 out of 100 People
in the world would answer:
'All these things are freely available to Everyone/ People at absolute no cost'. 
FLIP this for a moment. Infoscientist will prove, convince & satisfy you; "All these things are TRULY NOT FREE !!! - And that's why, He believe that... He is World's 1st Born Infoscientist. You may send him eMail Here to know the real & complete answer.



Nickname Infoscientist
Full Name Nawal Kumar Roongta
Birth Date
Birth Place

28 October 1955

Bagar, Rajasthan State of India
Education B. Com (Calcutta University)
Profession Chairman-CEO-Founder of:
eMail contact@infoscientist.name
Contact Whatsapp & Mobile:
Address Kolkata, India


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