Q. 'Why' & 'How' Anyone believe that the idea / intellectual property as you mention  is valued & worth $ 1 Trillion..?
Question is small but the answer is big. Let me reply it in 6 parts. (i) The amount $ 1 trillion has been assessed based on the estimate of money produced; and Fortune, Good-luck & opportunities materialized by 5 billion People by using the websites: world introducer dot com; introducer dot co and live introducers dot com by the year 2022; (ii) A Male Sperm + Female Egg = 'EMBRYO' is a complete kit for new Human Body/Life. Remember, Sperm or Female Egg at its primary stage are almost invisible; (ii) A very small seed has a big tree hidden in it; (iv) Suppose, you produced & earned $ 10000 or say any small or big money by applying your dream concept & idea. Then you can deeply & broadly visualize that your tested & proved idea has great potential to produce big money. Now, it is ONLY & ONLY YOU -who can assess the power & potential of your tested idea, it CAN NOT be explained to any body else by writing on a paper or screen; (v) You got a dream; (vi) You gets an inspiration; TIP: For more better, more significant & complete understanding, view to complete website is encouraged & recommended.


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